A Little bit of Everything

Today we started the day with church at the local United Church of Zambia. This is where we attend church every week. About one-third of the country is apart of this denomination. Our church in Mwandi is the biggest in our area. Literally the whole church is full and then people sit in aisles and sometimes outside just to hear the message. The chief of Mwandi attends our church so when he enters or leaves there is a processional. The chief here operates much like a mayor would in the states, however the chief here lives in a palace and has traditional greetings and customs associated with his role. The church service consists of drums and singing and clapping and yelling! Today we met a cute little baby named Emmanuel and we were instant friends. Emmanuel much like the babies here in Zambia, tough our faces and try to figure out why its white. Emmanuel was absolutely adorable! The service was lead today by our friend Brady and it was on serving those who serve you. The typical service last about 3 hours and occasionally will spill over into 4. Everyone at church is extremely nice and welcoming. The rest of the day we did housework, and relaxed. Yet again we spent the majority of the day without power.

Today Katie took an early shift at the clinic and Tyler finished up the chores so we could go on holiday. Today and tomorrow are national Mwandi holidays , but we only get tomorrow off. Today we decided we would engage in many adventures. The biggest adventure was buzzing Tyler’s hair. Yes that’s right cutting off his hair. It is very warm here for us , so Tyler decided he needed a trim. We only had kitchen scissors so we attempted with those, but failed horribly so we had to take the shaver to it. He looks like a total different person, like literally people we know passed him and didn’t recognize him. The rest of the day involved preparing for our adventure to the Falls.

The Falls
We got up incredibly incredible early, grabbed a hat, some bus tickets, and our bags for the falls. We got to the top of falls about 8:30am and the bus ride took about 3 ½ hours and was late at that, so you can do the math to about how early we got up. Anyway, when we got to the top we were both completely awe struck. There was a double rainbow over the top of the falls. Now Victoria Falls is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and is absolutely huge, so we had to walk all the way around to see the whole picture of the falls, but it was an amazing walk. We also went to the bottom of the falls and watched someone skydive off of the bride overlooking the falls. It was great to see; by the walk back up to the top was awful! Literally, like walking to the top of the empire state building. Ugh! So we survived both walks to the top and bottom, and the baboons and decided to get lunch. We picked an off- the–grid Chinese restaurant, that took forever, and we are pretty sure that Tyler ate dog. No, we aren’t being stereotypical or making any jokes, a dog came into the store and didn’t come out, then an hour later our food was ready… Anyway after lunch we bought a pillow for the lodge, Katie got asked out to dinner twice, Tyler had a minor freak-out about the bus time, and Katie’s dawdling all to find out we were an hour early, we traded a hair thing a 3 dollar hat, and a used empty bottle of hand-sanitizer for 6 real copper bracelets, then got on the bus. All in all we had a lovely day, but it was super crazy.

Today Tyler let our morning devotional. He talked about how we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. It lasted for about 15 mins and he even got some amens. Then after the devotional, we went to the clinic and waited on about 65 patients and it was crazy. Patients were coming in switching orders, crying, yelling in Lozi, and fighting. Despite, we met the happiest baby on the world. It probably smiled for the whole 8 hours it waited to be seen. However, when it left it cried and reached to come play with us. After a long day, we came home had, dinner, cleaned the house and both went to bed early.

Today we got up bright and early and stuffed ourselves into the aids relief land rover and headed deep into the bush. It wasn’t long before we turned off the highway and just started driving into the grass. After about 2 1’2 hours we finally made it to the tiny rural clinic. It was a little house with 2 rooms and when we arrived they people were already camped outside to meet us. Although we were only seeing 25 adults and their children that day, lots of the villagers gathered around to see what we were doing. After we had a 10 min lunch we got started and worked through the day. Tyler wrote the prescriptions with a nurse and Katie filled the prescriptions with the pharmacy tech. We ran out of some medications and we scrambling to find more. For some people we just had to give them a little bit and promise we would bring more their way when we could. After about 4 hours of working, we loaded back


One thought on “A Little bit of Everything

  1. Sounds like you two are having a busy and exciting time. So proud of you . Can’t wait to see you. Love You

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