medical team :)

Today we were supposed to go on outreach and got let behind. However, it is amazing how God uses gifts and talents. A surgery team humbled us today, by coming for 10 days to do free surgeries for needy patients. They had been there about a week already but today we were invited to observe surgery and obgyn screenings. We started out with the ogbyn helping patients, seeing babies, and Katie had to help communicate some in Lozi. Then we moved on to watching surgeries. Katie watched 6 surgeries and a birth of a baby. Tyler watched two surgeries and decided he rather help out in the pharmacy. The women in Africa are so tough. When the baby was born the room was silent, the mom had the baby in a sitting position and she let out a faint sigh then the baby was born. It is awesome and amazing to see how kids, women, and men handle huge surgeries then take a Motrin and head home. They only person who cried was a two year old, who had to get a large hernia taken out and it was only because it had been stuck with a needle. By far the most amazing surgery of the day was a lady who had thyroid surgery. This thyroid was as big as a baby head and took hours to perform. But as she came up from the surgery, she was singing at the cross. It was something that put Katie in complete awe of the Lord.


Today we woke up bright and early! Tyler delivered a message to the OVC Staff about Jeremiah 29:11 and how God has a plan for all of his children and Katie helped scrub for a surgery which means assisted in sewing up the hernia. So she got a little taste of what being a med student would be like and loved it! She helped assist in a belly button hernia. We also watched a little 2-year-old get a huge abyss removed from its neck. Then our surgery for the day was over. So we spent the rest of the day helping in the pharmacy. So because our friends were closing out their trip we decided to write a devotional and lead worship for our new friends. We led a devotional on health, suffering, and redemption. We prayed with team and had a wonderful night, even though we had no power.


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