First Day in Mwandi

We got a tour of the village from Gertrude, one of the women who lives in Mwandi and works at the hospital here. She showed us the main street with all the shops and the buildings in the village where the people live. Most of the homes here are made from wood, mud, and thatch. We got to see the where the chief lives and the riverfront where the boats are stored and people set off to fish. Right across the river is Namibia, and we may go there eventually, but we are not sure about that yet. After the tour of the village, we met with the reverend and ate lunch and got ready for our next adventure of the day.


Our next adventure was going to an even more rural area. In this area, we were buying goats for the home health association started by the people in that area. We got to see multiple areas and play with cute little children as Brian ,the clinic and home health leader, and Eda picked out the goats and haggled the prices down. The goats are going to mate and be given back to the community as a way as raising money for the community. The idea is the the community is picking themselves up and are slowly becoming sustainable. It was so cool to be apart of that and get to meet all the new people in the villages. We even learned a little lozi , which is the local language.


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