After an 11 hour bus ride, and Tyler almost having to “go” in a water bottle, we made it to Mwandi! Mwandi is a very rural village in southern Zambia, located along the Zambezi river. Where we are staying, we have an excellent view of the river, where hippos graze and fishermen fish out of little boats like gondolas. Frolicking around are cows, dogs, and other assorted animals.

There is a lot more sand here than we were used to in Lusaka, and we are not kidding when we say it is rural. Eda and Keith are the hospital administrators here, and they have given us a very warm welcome. We almost didn’t get off the bus at the right stop because we stopped at a dirt parking lot in front of a small store, and we thought this couldn’t be the right stop. Eda soon came and got us off the bus and assured us that we had the right place. She gave us a ride to the mission center where we ate a very nice dinner and talked about the hospital and other projects for the village. We are at the mission center tonight, and we start working tomorrow. We would definitely appreciate all the prayers we can get, and we will tell you more about what we are doing once we get started!


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