I got Shot

Well today was an eventful day to say the least.

We went to a genuine Zambian wedding today, and once again, we were the only muzungus there. In Zambia, the guest only come for the reception. So when we arrived at the wedding our general was given the position of guest of honor so we got to sit at the head table. Then the festivities started by the swordsman coming to guard the bride and groom, since it was a military wedding. Then the wedding party danced into the room and proceeded to dance for a while. The MC was very charismatic and much different than anything we have in the states. He pretty much proposed to the bride before she came out with the groom and was cracking jokes all night long. Finally, the bride and groom came down the aisle dancing. After speeches from the fathers and the guest of honor, we began eating traditional Zambian cuisine.  After the dinner, there was a dancer who came all the way from the Congo. She was a little girl who dance with a giant knife all the way to the cake. It was basically a sword. Seriously, it was huge.

After cutting the cake with a sword, (An actual sword, not the knife. This is a military tradition) there was a toast from the best man. This required champagne, which the groomsmen opened at the front of the dance floor.  One cork actually sprang out into the audience and shot Katie in the arm! So yes, Katie can say she got shot today. By the Zambian Air Force. Soon after Katie’s near-death experience was the flower toss. The MC asked for all the single ladies to come to the dance floor so the bride could throw the bouquet. Katie went up after some debating, and the MC said if she caught it, she was coming home with him. She did… Catch the bouquet, we mean.

We took plenty of pictures and even helped open the dance floor. We will post those pictures tomorrow. All in all, we had a great time.


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