Our Project!

Sorry for the delay, we just got our internet back.
Anyway, God has changed our project but we are very excited! We actually get not one , but TWO projects now. So after a long two weeks of waiting  we have our assignments. On Sunday, we will leave the comfortable city of Lusaka to the grass hut village of Mondi to work in a very rural hospital. We are the only hospital in the area so it should be very interesting. They say if you are quiet you can see hippos grazing and drinking water from the hospital. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet …

After three weeks working in the hospital , we will ride the bus 5 hours to come back to work in the city with two outreaches for orphaned children with HIV. We will be working in two different outreaches for a month.

We are learning that God’s plans are often different and always much better than our plans! We are so excited for these new adventures and for what God has in-store. Also we are praying that our new location has internet so everyone can keep up with our journey.


From this



To This




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