We’ve officially been here a week!!!

In the past week we’ve eaten caterpillars, heard a two year old yell JABROO I WILL STONE YOU! , and watched a man take 70-80 connected shopping carts across a busy roadway.  Although we are having a great time telling you about our trip, we decided we’d rather show you! So here are pictures so far!

This is a mix of kids, church,bridal ceremony, and a village.

IMG_0175IMG_0173IMG_0179 IMG_0177 IMG_0216 IMG_0251 IMG_0206 IMG_0195 IMG_0258 IMG_0219 IMG_0215 IMG_0190 IMG_0182 IMG_0255 IMG_0180 IMG_0266 IMG_0221 IMG_0191IMG_0172IMG_0240IMG_0176IMG_0211 IMG_0178 IMG_0205 IMG_0193 IMG_0247 IMG_0235 IMG_0234 IMG_0184 IMG_0192 IMG_0188 IMG_0259 IMG_0196 IMG_0253IMG_0185


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