Parting the Red Gates

Today, we visited a couple of Christian children’s homes in the Lusaka area. We went to the Bill and Bette house and the House of Moses. The Bill and Bette house was for kids from the ages of 2 to 4. At both houses, the gates to the compound were painted. This one was painted red, and had the name and decorations painted on the doors. We had to walk through the red gates to get into the compound. When we walked in, all the kids ran to us and wanted us to pick them up and hold them.  We both went through kids fast, picking up and holding one after another. The people there gave us a tour of the place and we got to see the beds, the schoolhouse and the rest of the facility.  It was hard to walk around sometimes because the kids would pull on our pant legs and hold their hands up to us wanting someone to hold them.

The House of Moses was similar to the Bill and Bette house only it housed babies from newborns to 1. We had to remove our shoes and sanitize ourselves to enter. As soon as we entered , most of the one year olds started reaching for us. When two started crying we picked them up. Much like the Bill and Bette house the babies would all cry to get your attention. The baby Katie held cried and cried when she put him down. He cried so much that all the other babies in the nursery started crying. It’s wonderful that these homes exist. It’s just so sad that the babies are starved for attention. We felt really blessed to see the orphanages and loved playing with the babies!


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