Babies, Brides, and Business

Today, we went to two different functions with our host family.  Tyler went to a financial seminar with Crispin, and Katie went to a Zambian wedding shower with Nora. At both events, we were the only white people (or Muzungos as the Zambian people call us.) In fact, at the financial seminar one of the photographers came up to Tyler and said, “Muzungo! Smile!”

At the seminar, a Zambian motivational speaker named John Boya led the session, and encouraged people to get control of their finances. He was a very funny speaker, and kept us all entertained. Cris graduated from the program today, and got a certificate in the graduation ceremony.

Katie’s adventure began by being led into a room of hundreds of women dressed in traditional African outfits. Then when it was time to begin we all watched as the Screams and Chants filled the room as the choir sang, the family of the bride and groom brought the bride in. In African the bride has to be cover with a cloth and sit until the groom enters. When the groom enters the Screaming and Chanting begins again and people throw money and block the groom from getting to the bride. Finally, after some dancing for his bride the groom begins to unroll the cloth of his bride from the feet to the head.
Then they are presented to one another and their mothers and mother-in-law and accepted as a family. Then the party eats.  Over the microphone, the bride undergoes “wife training” from her elders . They explain how to be a good wife and all of her duties. This bridal shower is called a kitchen party, because everyone brings kitchen appliances. Today the bride received a stove and fridge and many other things you use in the kitchen. It was a very interesting and fun experience!

Below is an example of a Zambian kitchen party.


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