Today we spent time with both our little friends and our older friends.  We said goodbye to Patrick  today. He is going to study English in Copper Belt , which is about 6 hours away from Lusaka. The bus station that we dropped him off at was very crowded. There was traffic everywhere and we had to carry baby Ingrid because of all the cars. Everybody was making “tisk tisk tisk tisk” noises at us while they attempted to sell us good. A few locals bought tickets because the man selling tickets said the white people, us, would be on the bus.

Baby Ingrid (who is two) loves money and asks everyone for it constantly. While we were at the station Ingrid had a two dollar bill, or ten kwatcha and waved it at vendors so they would all swarm her and we would say No No No.

We’ve been eating some new African dishes. Today, Tyler had a Zambian lunch made of shima and meatballs.  Shima is made from maize and soybeans, and is cooked in a kind of loaf.  You eat it with your hands by tearing off a piece and molding it in your hand to form a flat piece that you then use to pick up meat with your hand.  We are finding shima very tasty, and they feed us well here.  As Tyler was eating, Ingrid came over and wanted one of the meatballs.  She pointed to one and said, “Two hundred!” Tyler asked her “Two hundred kwatcha for the meatball?” and Ingrid said, “Yes!” In American dollars, that comes out to about a 40 dollar meatball.  She has expensive taste.

The area we are in is not a poor area, and is actually a series of compounds where military and government officials live, so they can be close to the capitol.  There are a few malls and markets around, and we are enjoying seeing the city. For dinner, we had a little slice of home at the mall, where we ordered some pizza.  It was Hawaiian pizza, but a little different because the pepperoni is made from cows here.

On the way home, we were listening to the radio and heard an African song called Alingo. The song is saying, in the local language , come out and Alingo, which is a dance. Ingrid started shaking and telling everyone to Alingo!! Then she popped it like Beyonce. We had no idea two year olds had that much rhythm. We cant even out dance toddlers in Africa.


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